Terrible Tinder date found not guilty of murder after woman falls 14 floors

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BRISBANE, Australia - It is the Tinder nightmare creeping out swipers around the world.

Gable Tostee, found not guilty of murder and manslaughter after his Tinder match fell fourteen floors from his balcony on their date.

Tostee's attorney, Nick Dore says "Mr. Tostee is very happy with the result. He's relieved this matter is now behind him. And he's looking forward to moving on with his life."

This all goes back to August 2014. After swiping right for New Zealander, Warreina Wright, the two met up for some fun.

But things went zero to one hundred real quick. An audio recording from Tostee's phone explains how the night took a violent twist while the two got hammered.

Sexing turned to bantering, which turned to kicking and screaming. He's even heard saying "you're lucky I haven't chucked you off my balcony."

Once the arguing turned physical, Tostee locked Wright outside on the very same balcony. He claims she was acting "irrationally" and was trying to cool things down.

In an attempt to escape the scary situation, it seems Wright tried to climbing from Tostee's balcony to another. Instead, she fell fourteen floors to her death.

After it happened, Tostee went to get a slice of pizza until cops showed up!

Note to anyone swiping on dating apps: no matter how badly you want to hit the sheets, make sure your first date is always in public.