Utah mom’s late-term abortion story goes viral on Facebook

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah - "I would never abort a child under any circumstance. I would die before I would do that," a Utah mother of six-- Alyson Draper- declared.

Except....Alyson was once faced with that heart-breaking dilemma....when she was pregnant with twins.

Doctors told Alyson one twin had died in the womb, and the other had its brain form outside the skull, so it was also going to die.

Doctors also told Alyson her life was in danger, if she did not end the pregnancy.

"It's a breathtakingly horrible experience that no woman wants to make," she revealed.

Since late-term abortions are illegal in Utah, a hospital ethics committee had to be convened to determine Alyson's fate.

"It took 12 hours to round up enough votes to get through that as I lay on the floor just hysterically balling," she recalled.

Doctors performed a C-section to remove the babies, and alyson survived, though she was devastated by her late-term abortion.

But when late-term abortions were brought up in the recent presidential debate-- it hit a little too close to home for Alyson.

"You could take the baby and rip the baby out of the womb of the mother," Donald Trump explained in Wednesday night's debate. "But it's not okay with me."

"They're done for medical reasons," Draper insisted.  "And nobody is tearing them apart, as he described."

So, Alyson decided to share her story on Facebook, and it went viral in a hurry....with nearly 100,000 shares in 24 hours!

Some responses have taken issue with comparing Alyson's ordeal to what Trump was talking about, but she says she's glad she shared her story.

As Alyson put it, "If I can even clear up the misunderstanding and pain of someone else, it's entirely worth it to me."