Glitch: This week in geek

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HOUSTON — Our devices are turning against us! Just when you thought it was a good idea to connect your new smart microwave to the internet, hackers are using our internet connections against us. The recent cyber-assault on the internet should be proof enough. Hackers can upload programs through home networks on to any device like a refrigerator, DVR or a child's toy — anything with a wireless connection — and use your network to attack the world. So the next time your smart baby monitor asks for a password, be smart and don't give it one.

Your fate left up to a computer? British scientists create the worlds first computer judge. The first order of business for the artificial intelligence was to predict verdicts of 584 former cases from the European Court of Human Rights. And using an algorithm, which not only weighs the evidence but also takes morals into consideration. The mechanical hammer correctly predicted the outcomes 79 percent of old cases correctly. Huh. Wonder how easy it can be hacked.

Harambe's spirit lives on. The gorilla is being immortalized in a new comic book series by Johnny Segura 3rd. Introducing Special Agent Harambe! The story of a genetically altered talking super gorilla vying for revenge after the shot in what apparently was a conspiracy to take his life.

Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino's, joining the cast of STtar wars. He's set to reprise the role of young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming early days of Han Solo flick. Glover will also have a part in the new Spider-Man reboot. Only his role with the web-slinger remains a secret. Guess we'll just have to 'marvel' at the possibilities.