Olympic gold swimmer saved by eagle-eyed fan

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MELBOURNE — Remember Australian Olympic swimmer, Mack Horton?  The 20-year-old beat seven others in the 400-meter freestyle to grab gold in Rio but can he beat cancer?

Thanks to a fan with Olympic-sized vision, Horton's got a fighting chance. He spotted a suspicious mole on Horton`s chest during TV coverage of the summer games.  Worried about skin cancer, the fan e-mailed Horton`s team doctor to get it checked.

Now, Horton's paying tribute to the eagle-eyed fan through social media. He posted his own picture with a big bandage on his chest where the mole used to be, giving a thumbs up to the person concerned about him. “Good call,” Horton writes. “Very good call.”

No word on whether the mole is malignant. But Australia's Melanoma Institute is thanking Horton for raising awareness about skin checks.  Catching skin cancer early can be life-saving. Horton supporters have been drowning the Aussie in praise for going public. Giving him another reason to celebrate.