Haunted house owners discover real human skeletons in donated coffins

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GREEN BAY, Wis. — Talk about skeletons in the closet!

The owners of this haunted house attraction in Wisconsin got quite a scare themselves when they made a frightening discovery.

"When we pulled the caskets out of storage, that's when we realized there were skeletons in there," the attraction's social media coordinator Miranda Schutt recalled.

Yeah, real skeletons! The two 19th century coffins — known as toe pinchers —  were donated to the attraction years ago. But apparently, no one ever bothered to look inside until this season.

"This right here is where you enter into the hallway and catacombs room," Schutt described the haunted house. "And then we have the full skeleton here. Upon closer look we realized those are not fake bones."

As patrons pass through of slew of fake skulls, suddenly, they're unknowingly face to face with the real deal.

"They are definitely medical skeletons," Schutt said. "I mean, one skeleton is totally intact."

Just goes to show, you never know just what might be hiding inside an old casket!