Houston’s guacamole obsession threatened as avocado prices spike amid farmer strike

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HOUSTON — It's green, but right about now, it may as well be gold!  The shortage of avocados is threatening one of Houston’s favorite foods!

Reports show prices have nearly tripled on avocados in some markets, and by time the Super Bow comes to town...forget not being able to find a rental car. Guacamole may be in short supply!

Restaurants around H-town are already feeling the pinch.

But why is this happening to us!?

It turns out that shipments from south of the border have fallen more than 60 percent in recent weeks thanks to a growers' strike in Mexico.

The strike was meant to raise prices. Well, mission accomplished. Cases of avocados have gone from $30 to $45 a case to almost $80.

It's almost like the farmers in Mexico learned something from OPEC.

They started picking again last week, so that's good. Hopefully they won't keep our taste buds hostage for too much longer, or things could get spicy!