J.J. Simmons from 97.9 pens new book on domestic violence

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HOUSTON - It's a tough and brutal game, but those off-field images of violence give the NFL a black eye in the public eye. Especially when famous players get the star treatment.

"Some of these players play in the NFL. It's just brought to our attention a lot more," said Houston radio and television personality J.J. Simmons for 97.9 The Box and CW 39 NewsFix. "Maybe they do need to be used as an example since they are out in the open and in the public eye."

For the first time, Simmons is publicly admitting that she is a victim of domestic abuse.

"I had totally lost myself, and I didn't know who I was when I looked in the mirror anymore," said Simmons.

Her new book "Without Bruises" chronicles her journey to healing from domestic violence.