Amazing helmet footage shows man piloting wingsuit before crashing into tree

CHAMONIX, FRANCE —  Eric Dossantos caught his amazing decline over the French Alps on a helmet mounted Go Pro camera. We appreciate the footage; he probably appreciates the helmet.

During his dissent, Dossantos lost altitude and crashed through trees, ultimately hitting the ground hard!

Dossantos said in a post on Facebook the he should have died from that crash in France, but he didn’t. The wingsuit pilot is recovering in the hospital.

Dossantos has been piloting flying wingsuits for years. A video he made over a year ago shows he knows what he’s doing.

This time Dossantos made a simple mistake that most people pay for with their lives.

He suffered seven neck and chest fractures and the extent of his head trauma is still unknown.

The fact it’s still attached after that wipe-out is reason to be thankful!