Houston’s spookiest urban legends

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HOUSTON — Urban myths and legends exist in every town, but the Houston area seems to have more than its fair share.

So here's a list of haunted places to visit...if you dare.

La Carafe (813 Congress Ave.)

Known as the as the oldest bar in Houston, seems some souls couldn't leave the party at La Carafe.

Watch out ladies, it is said the resident ghost is a female spirit who pushes beautiful women down stairways (...or maybe these girls have just had one too many drinks.)

Rice Hotel (909 Texas Avenue)

Built in 1912, the legendary Rice Hotel — known today as the Rice Lofts — is where John F. Kennedy rested his head for the very last time and it has a history of frightful encounters. Located in the historic Crystal Ballroom is The Sambuca, a restaurant where it's said you can hear the spirits of bygone era dancing the night away.

Molly's Pub (509 Main Street)

If you gaze into the windows of the New Orleans style balcony at Molly's Pub, you just may see the ghost of a woman who was murdered in the upstairs apartment staring back at you.

Whether you believe in ghost or not, it's up to you...