Quick, hilarious last-minute DIY costume ideas from Newsfix 

HOUSTON — Boo! Halloween just crept up on you!

So, listen up procrastinators: Newsfix has some last minute spooktacular ideas for you.

For those of you looking to spend less than $5:

Grab a clear trash bag and buy yourself a bag of balloons. Bam! Just like that, you are a jar of jelly beans!

#tbt 2011 I think #jellybeans #jellybeancostume

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For all you Snapchat addicts:

Get yourself some face paint and transform into the rainbow Snapchat filter. #NoFilterNeeded

Happy Halloween 😈 #snapchat #Halloween #halloweencostume #rainbowfilter

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For all of you trying to kill everyone's costume vibe:

Computer errors are always a buzz kill. Get an old white tee and write out "Error 404: Costume Not Found."

#404error #costumenotfound #hesosilly

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And for those of you in the spirit of the scariest election season yet:

Grab yourself a bag of Cheetos, and cover yourself in the cheesy powder, for a bright orange Donald glow! Or, cover yourself in dirt and become a nasty woman!

And then use the Cheetos bag and a few puffs for your baby's costume! Thumbs up to savings!

Whatever your Halloween plans may be: stay away from the creepy clowns!