Did this 5-year-old just catch a tooth fairy? Graphic designer makes son’s wish come true

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Get ready for your heart to melt.

After losing his first tooth, 5-year-old James Hashimoto set out on a mission to catch the tooth fairy flying into his room.

"I think the tooth fairy will come and I think she'll give me something. I'm not exactly sure. How do you call the Tooth Fairy?" Hashimoto says in the video.

His message to the tooth fairy: "Tooth fairy I lost my tooth and I'm five. My name is James."

With the help of his graphic designing dad, the little buddy set up cameras hoping to see the fairy dropping off his gift himself.

And alas, she's caught on camera! She exists! Watching the little boy freak out is too cute to handle.

Wow, this father is definitely ranking up at the top of the Best Dad's Ever list.

"They grow up, but not too fast if we can help it," the dad said.