Bellville restaurant changes name to Trump Cafe in support of candidate

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BELLVILLE, Texas — If you order something here, Trump Cafe can make your food great again.

Owners Eddie and Su Hawa of Belville Cafe have changed the restaurant's name to Trump Cafe in support of the Republican presidential candidate.

"I like Mr. Trump, but I also want to bring more tourists and more people to the town," Eddie Hawa said.

The couple identifies as Muslim and are immigrants from Jerusalem — proving Trump supports come in all backgrounds.

"He wasn't talking about Islam individually, he was talking about ISIS and tourism," Hawa said.

It seems some costumers are loving the change.

"Since it became Trump Cafe it's become a lot better," said James Black, who frequents the restaurant.

Hawa said regardless if Trump wins or loses, the candidates name will remain on the cafe. Hawa also plans to expand Trump Cafe to other small towns across the country, he said.