Trump leading Clinton in latest poll — Did FBI reopening email case change the election?  

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WASHINGTON — The tables are turning as Election Day inches closer, according to the latest Washington Post poll.

The publication reports Donald Trump is slightly ahead of Hillary Clinton in the race for El Presidente.

The poll tracks Trump at 46 percent with Hillary right behind him at 45 percent. It is the first time since May people are seeing The Trumpster going over The Hills.

Is this thanks to the latest Anthony Weiner email drama? FBI Director James Comey is dealing with heat after releasing a letter about the bureau reopening the Clinton email case days before the big election.

Clinton's campaign is not too happy about it. Robby Mook said Comey's refusal to comment on Trump's potential ties to Russia's interference with the election is a "blatant double standard."

"Clearly these protocols were protocols that director Comey understood," Time Kaine said.

But the New York Times reports the FBI said there is not evidence Trump has any ties to Russia. FBI officials said they think the DNC hack was meant to disrupt the election — not try and help elect Trump.

Hold tight! Just one more week until America finds out which of these chipper individuals will become our next president!