Body Cam: Mom fights cop with one hand, holds baby with other after DWI accident

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — We've nominated an Albuquerque, New Mexico woman for Mother of the Year!

Police have not released her name, but said the woman was riding in a truck with her baby on her lap when it crashed. That’s just one bad idea. All her other bad ideas were caught on a responding officer’s body camera.

Investigators said the woman was yelling for her baby when officers arrived, and it was obvious something wasn’t right. The officers tried to examine the baby, but mama bear wouldn't let go, and instead started taking swings at the officer.

Officer: “The baby needs to be checked by medical.”

Mother: “He’s fine!”

Officer: “No he’s not. You don’t have a choice.”

With her arms finally free, the mother was more fired up and the confrontation went from bad to even worse.

Officer: “Do not swing at me.”

Mother: “I did not swing at you.”

The officer wearing the body camera repeatedly asked the woman to sit down, but she keeps getting up. Another bad idea.

Officer: “Don’t touch me. I’m tired of you swinging at me!”

Police said the driver, Thomas Whitaker, may have been drunk at the time. He charged with DWI and second degree child abuse. After the baby's mother was finally cuffed, she was charged with a DUI. Her child is now in state custody.

We stand by our nomination for Mother of the Year. To review the facts, she was under the influence of something, had no car seat for the child and tried to duke it out with officers while holding the baby.

Yep, this mama definitely has our vote!