Houston rich, poor communities expanding — where’s the middle class fit in?

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HOUSTON — When someone decides to move to the Bayou City, they're usually looking for the land of opportunity.

A recent Rice University has many Houstonians questioning what 'opportunity' looks like in these parts. And it seems there isn't much to look at. The research said the number of poor neighborhoods in Harris County has quadrupled in the last 36 years.

The study also found the borders of rich neighborhoods are expanding as well. Researchers used census data from 1980 to present. And sure, we've seen more folks today moving to Houston than ever before. So naturally, both rich and poor area's should see exponential growth. Our question is: where does that leave the middle class? If there even is one anymore.

Rice University also said the redevelopment of poorer neighborhoods could also be a reason for the income diversity.

So take a dive and take a gander at the streets from Fifth Ward to Rivers Oaks. The world of difference you see may surprise you.