Houston students vote at school’s National Mock Election Day

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HOUSTON — Houston is breaking records for early voting left and right this election season.

And on National Mock Election Day, kids at the Imani School in southwest Houston got to make sure their voices are heard, too!

“They’re excited, they’ve been very aware of what’s going on, they’re very opinionated," Head of School Patricia Hogan said. "We’re excited to give them this opportunity to express their desire for who should be the leader of the free world."

Student Adrian Williams wants more than a commander but also a protector.

"We want a president who's going to serve and command, who's our commander-in-chief and is going to protect us in each and every way," Williams said.

Outside of the school, of course, parents have a powerful influence on their children's political interest.

"I watched some debates on TV with my mom, so that's how I made my decision," student Marley Brailey Harris said.

From many students point of view, the back and forth between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hasn't been all too friendly.

"I think Donald Trump said some, a few bad things about Hillary Clinton, and so that's what made me pick Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump," student Londyn Howard said.

They may be young, but more than a few of them are able to see through the banter and find substance.

"The things that stand out to my second grade students are the issues on education, and believe it or not, healthcare," second grade teacher Movita Newton said.

The mock election even had its own spin room complete with hard-hitting mock-reporters asking tough questions.

In the end, the mock election went to Clinton, but the real winners are the bright young boys and girls getting a taste of civic responsibility.