Obama blasts GOP for talking Clinton impeachment in new radio ad

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(CNN) — President Barack Obama is taking aim at congressional Republicans in a radio ad in support of down-ballot Democrats, criticizing them for talking about impeaching Hillary Clinton and pledging to block her Supreme Court nominees.

The ad, which CNN’s KFile heard on the radio, is being run by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and is running in Florida and Virginia markets, according to a DCCC spokesperson.

“This is Barack Obama, now we’re at the end of what has felt like a really long election season. It’s time to make the final decision about who we should elect to represent us. Unfortunately some Republicans are gearing up to do everything they can to stop any progress in Washington,” Obama says in the spot.

“They’ve said they would stop any future Democratic Supreme Court nominee and spend their time on endless investigations. And believe it or not there are even some Republicans in Congress who have already said they want to start the impeachment process,” Obama says.

He continues: “Regardless of what political party you’re in I think we can all agree that the gridlock and obstruction needs to stop. Republicans running for Congress are promising more gridlock and inaction. If you want to get things done in Washington vote for Democrats for Congress. Send a message by sending leaders to Washington who will work for you and won’t just put there party over progress. Vote for Democrats for Congress.”

As CNN’s KFILE first reported, several GOP congressman asked about the possibility of a Clinton impeachment, have warned a Clinton presidency could lead to a “constitutional crisis” should the FBI’s acquiring of emails from top aide Huma Abedin lead to an indictment.

Last week, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson told a local newspaper Clinton could be impeached and Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson said last weekend a Clinton presidency could be headed for impeachment.