24-year-old politician inspires Houston students to dream big ahead of Election Day

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HOUSTON - Jeramey Anderson knows dreaming big can result in doing big things.

At just 21 years old, he ran in a Mississippi House of Representatives election and won!  His inspirational story was used in a lesson plan for English students at Houston's Sterling Aviation High School.  Even better, he came to the school on Monday to talk with the school's senior class.

"My main message was simply to dream big," Anderson said. "Don't be afraid of failure. Drive yourself to be whatever you dreamed to be in life and let no one deter you from your goals."

Anderson also knew his speech could be especially powerful just before election day.

"Involvement starts now. It starts with being active in the political process. Tomorrow is a prime example. Are you registered to vote? Is your voice being heard? If you're not voting, then you can't complain about what's not going on when your voice is not being heard in the first place."

Anderson says a great place for young people to get leadership opportunities is through student government at schools.