Monday Motivation: 15-minute ‘burpees’ workout!

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HOUSTON -- It’s time for your Monday Motivation fitness tip of the day!

Research shows this 15-minute workout burns more fat than an hour of cardio!  Get ready for the 15-minute burpee workout!

1-      Jog in place for a couple minutes to warm up


2-      10 to 20 burpees (depending on your level of fitness)


3-      Rest 60 to 90 seconds


4-      Repeat steps 2 and 3 for a total of 5 times

The key is to get your heart rate up near your max heart rate for a short amount of time, and let it come back down.  That means you WILL need to feel a burn. Pain is temporary. Results are long lasting!

Do 2 to 3 of these sessions per week and watch your waist shrink over a couple of months! Make it a happy, healthy day!

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