Dallas family’s tragic loss leads to life-saving gift

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DALLAS — Sometimes you have to lose a life to save a life, and it is heartbreaking.

“Payton had to leave this world and he gave the opportunity to another father to be there for his boy,” Josh Forner,  Payton McCarty’s brother-in-law, said.

Dallas police officer Payton McCarty married Brittany Forner, his high school sweetheart, and together they have two children.

"He loves our babies. He loves them so much. He would do anything for them," Forner said.

He was their own personal hero. But after a tragic motorcycle accident took Payton's life, he's being remembered as a hero by everyone.

Payton was an organ donor.

"I told my sister, I've got a friend who's in need of kidney," Forner said.

Payton's brother-in-law is also a Dallas police officer. Their friend-in-need is fellow officer, Bryson Brown.

Forner called Brown and told him, my brother-in-law's in the hospital. He's been in an accident.

“And the first words out of Brown's mouth were 'do I need to come up there? Do you need anything?” Forner said.

Doctors revived Payton McCarty and he clung to life for just a few days. That gave his family time to say their good-byes.

“And so he can be a donor,” adds Forner. “I really believe that."

Officer Brown is already improving. His dad Dwayne says, “And I will be forever grateful and I know he will also."

Payton's final unselfish act is also saving three strangers' lives. Knowing this may allow him to truly rest in peace.