Houston artist gives voters rides to polls in art car

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HOUSTON — This is it: D-Day. The big kahuna. The one that will go down as the weirdest election in American history. And one Houstonian helped to make it even weirder by flying their freak flag along side the American one.

“It’s a really exciting election, and I love being out here with my art car driving people, because it makes me happy to see people going to the polls. It makes me happy to see them participating in the electoral process,"  Sarah Gish of IgniteYourOwnLife.com said.

That’s right. The local artist and igniter decided that there’s no better way to celebrate freedom than driving people to the polls in a mutant vehicle.

In case you live under a rock with wheels on it, Houston is known as the art car capitol of the world and thousands from all over the globe flock to H-Town every year to get a glimpse of the iconic motorized creations that represent choice and independence.

So what better way to celebrate this monstrous election season than with a monster automobile?

“Part of igniting people’s lives is taking part in what’s going on around you- engaging your world. A great way to do that is by voting,” Gish said.

And all the freaky-deaky voters out there agree, thinking that doing their duty while sitting shotgun in a wacky wip is just far-out, man.

As people with little green visors tally the votes and the winning candidate gets a little closer to crossing the finish line, Mama Gish thinks that no matter the results, everyone wins when we have freedom.

“Art cars are a symbol of freedom, of creativity. It’s about expressing yourself, and it’s also about connecting. Driving around in an art car, it’s connects you to other people. It’s a very democratic thing because you can connect with everybody,” Gish said.

So whether you’re happy with the results from election night or you’re super pissed off, or even if you think politicians are just lizard people wearing human suits, there’s one thing we can all agree on – a vote for art cars is a vote for America.