Rick Perry, Sarah Palin and many others may be tapped for Trump cabinet position

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AUSTIN, Texas — As a new Trump administration prepares to claim Capitol Hill, former Texas governor Rick Perry says he may be in line for a coveted cabinet position.

Of course, maybe Perry was just acting out a fantasy since he posted this tongue-in-cheek pic on Instagram with his longtime buddy, former navy seal Marcus Luttrell, who hands him a pay phone with the caption: "Just got a call to make America great again! Saddle up and ride, bro!"

Perry signed off with #GodBlessAmerica.

The former governor has indicated he wouldn't mind taking a spot to help veterans, like Veterans Affairs Secretary.

No word yet on how Donald Trump feels about that, but one can take a wild guess. While Perry waits by the phone, rumor has it some other Trump loyalists may be in line for cabinet seats, too. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, whom Trump named back in January when he said "certainly there'd be a role" for Palin in his administration.

Maybe she could be an ambassador to Russia?

Meanwhile, memes of potential Trump cabinet appointments have hit the net. One proposes some interesting choices for strong Trump supporters like Dr. Ben Carson as Surgeon General. Is Fox New Channel's Judge Jeanine a long shot for supreme court justice?

Well, who knows?

But if this election has taught us anything, we might just be in for a wild ride!