Trump presidency marks many famous firsts for the next resident of the White House

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NEW YORK — Donald Trump may not be a woman heading to the oval office, but that doesn't mean his presidency won't be filled with famous firsts! Like the fact Trump will be the first president ever to appear on the cover of Playboy. Or the first president to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame!

Trump will also be the undisputed richest president ever with Forbes estimating his current net worth at about $4 billion. That kind of "Trump-change" dwarfs what AOL estimates as the next richest president's net worth of $525 million, which belongs to the Father of Our Country, George Washington.

But The Donald also smashes a glass ceiling with his wife, Melania, since she will be the first First Lady to have ever posed nude.

And, the 46-year-old Mrs. Trump will be the first immigrant-born First Lady since 1825 when President John Quincy Adams' wife,  Louisa, lived in the White House.

But Trump can trump all that since he will also be the first commander-in-chief to have personally terminated the likes of Lil John and Gene Simmons.

And Trump will be the first prez to have had his own premium line of vodka and his own board game!

Not only that, but President Trump will be the first leader of the free world to have starred in a Pizza Hut commercial with his ex-wife.

So, America is making history, after all!

And who knows what else The Donald may conquer next.