What are Houston parents telling their kids about Trump’s win?

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HOUSTON — The presidential election: some call it a miracle while others say a Trump presidency is a nightmare and even scarier to tell their children.

Houston rapper Paul Wall's wife Crystal Wall wrote a lengthy post triggered from her 10-year-old's son's fear of Trump.

"He was really worried that someone could be so mean and so ignorant on TV and so belligerent," Wall said when speaking about her son.

"When he couldn't go to sleep that worried me, and I had to reassure him that everything would be alright," Wall said.

With the long-standing history of bullying in schools, Trump's campaign has offended a lot of people. Houston funny man and 93.7 The Beat host Rudy Rush aid laughter is the best medicine for his daughter.

"You take some good from the bad," Rush said. "I take it that Donald Trump put it out there like that lets you know that culture exists."

Parenting has never been an easy job — but parenting and politics, that's a challenge for the next term.