Attorney who hypnotized clients into having sex sentenced 12 years in prison

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LORAIN COUNTY, Ohio — Imagine a divorce attorney hypnotizing his female clients into a trance so he could have sex with them/

Former-attorney Michael Fine was convicted after he pleaded guilty to six counts of kidnapping and one count of attempted kidnapping.

Fine was sentenced to 12 years in the big house Tuesday. He was first arrested last year after one of his clients wore a hidden camera to prove just what the attorney was up to during a custody dispute meeting.

"We felt that the conduct was pretty egregious if not downright horrible," a prosecutor said. "To essentially prey on and create sexual victims, was very problematic for us."

"And people are vulnerable at that stage, they're going through such a life change— and to prey upon somebody going through something like that I think is just unforgivable," one of Fine's former colleagues said.

She added, "If the general public is aware, quite honestly, of how capable he was in hypnotizing these women. And certainly there is a lot of strong women that this happened to, so it wasn't someone that had to be naive or incapable. They were strong, intelligent women."

Now Fine's victims are celebrating a victory for justice.

An employee of the DA's office read one of the victim statements out loud in court.

"I thank God you got caught. I thank God you can't hurt anyone else. I thank God you are going to be locked away for a long time."