Ahead of MNF, Texans send memo to players warning “do’s and don’ts” while visiting Mexico City

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HOUSTON - "Did you get the memo?"

That's what Houston Texans players are asking each other after the team sent out a warning about the trip to Mexico City this weekend to face the Oakland Raiders on Monday. A game that can be seen locally on CW39.

"Look, we're taking our team to a unique, unfamiliar environment to play an NFL game," Texans head coach Bill O'Brien announced.

And apparently....NFL players need to be told the do's and don't's of traveling South of the Border.

One of the 'don't's' is "DO NOT leave the hotel!"

The team also warned players NOT to bring a lot of cash or expensive jewelry...or use ATMs there.

"We're just gonna be smart, you know," Texans DE Christian Covington shared. "At the end of the day, we're excited to be going to Mexico City. We're excited to be able to be on Monday Night Football."

"It's something I'm looking forward to, for sure," linebacker Brian Cushing said.

But then, there was another warning.

Players were told to drink only bottled water, no ice, and they were warned not to order any room service.

"We're just going down there, and we're worried about winning the football game," Cushing insisted. "So, we'll do whatever it takes."

"I think it's gonna be cool," cornerback Charles James revealed. "I can't wait for the atmosphere."

This Monday night's game marks the first time an NFL game is played in Mexico since 2005.

"I think an opportunity like this...it helps us grow and be able to do bigger things in the future," James predicted.

It seems the Raiders didn't get the memo, however.

But maybe that just means the Texans will be ready for anything!

As Covington put it, "I definitely need to brush up on my Spanish right now!"