Is Donald Trump draining ‘the Swamp?’

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WASHINGTON — He is still months from taking office, but the president-elect looks like he's already keeping his campaign promises.

Donald Trump is reportedly draining the swamp and cleaning up the District of Columbia.

Trump's transition team announced registered lobbyists will not be allowed to serve in the administration, and officials who leave the administration will have to wait five years before they can become lobbyists. Officials will also be banned for life for representing foreign governments. The policy simply means a lobbyist would have to resign before taking an administration position.

The news comes after criticism several member on Trump's transition team are lobbyists. The president-elect is also getting his feet wet with foreign policy.

The future POTUS had his first face-to-face meeting Thursday with a foreign leader, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan. The informal get-together was arranged so the two leaders could get to know each other — not talk serious policy. Some economists speculate that Japan's relationship with the U.S. could become even more important if relations with China are strained.

For now, the only relationship being strained is the district's love affair with corporate lobbying.