Cheetos introduces new line of crazy gifts including Cheetos perfume, toilet paper, and $20K jewelry set!

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PLANO, Tex. - Looking for some cheesy gift ideas?  Well, the folks who make Cheetos have you covered.

Uh, that is....they have covered just about everything with orange dust, including this one-of-a-kind jewelry set for $20,000!

Turns out all that glitters isn't gold-- it's cheese!

Well, at least an orange sapphire surrounded by nearly 200 black and white diamonds makes for a pricey midnight snack.

If that doesn't turn you orange with envy, then something else definitely will! Probably because you can wear your favorite orange particles in the form of a "Colour De Cheetos" bronzer.

And if you crave that cheesy Cheetos aroma, just spray on a little Cheetos perfume-- it's only 20 bucks a bottle-- and said to be hand-extracted from Cheetos cheese oils.

Yeah, there's even Cheetos swim trunks for the man who has almost everything.

And if you still can't get enough of your favorite orange snack, here's a subtle reminder so you don't forget it...

You guessed it.....Cheetos toilet paw-per!

Just goes to show, Cheetos is really on a "roll!"

You can find all the cheesy items online at the Cheetos gift store.

But they are only available until December 31, then they turn into pumpkins....or....something equally orange.

Say "Cheese!"