Chicago man arrested for allegedly making an outburst during ‘Hamilton’ production

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CHICAGO, Ill. - Talk about a cheap shot!  Authorities arrested an audience member-- John Palmer-- who allegedly disrupted the Chicago performance of "Hamilton" right in the middle of the song, "Yorktown."

"Immigrants, we get the job done," the cast sang.

Right at that moment, witnesses say 56-year-old Palmer made an outburst in the theater.

"The quotes that I heard him say: 'Our side won. Our side won.' Again, 'If you didn't vote for Trump, you don't belong here,'" Jeff Grider, who recorded the incident on his cellphone, recalled.

Palmer's attorney, Johnathan Feldman, told reporters, "Mr. Palmer regrets what should have been an otherwise enjoyable evening with his family, turned into something more."

The outburst came just one night after Vice President-elect Mike Pence received this controversial "lecture" from the Hamilton cast on Broadway.

"We are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us," cast member Brandon Dixon read from a card to Pence.

President-elect Donald Trump later said of the Hamilton cast, "They were very inappropriate."

Now Feldman says his client was denied the right to freely express himself at the musical's performance.

"Hamilton has created an audience and environment that unfortunately is very against our president-elect," Feldman said.

He says the theater has wrongfully pressed charges against Palmer for "misdemeanor trespassing."

"It is unfortunate that someone who supports the president-elect cannot feel welcomed attending the theater with his family," Feldman insisted.

Of course, it's a bit ironic that Team Trump is warring with the cast of a musical based on U.S. history.

Makes you wonder.....will there be a sequel to Hamilton in about 200 years called "Trump the Musical?"

Bet Broadway can hardly wait!