Specially-trained K9 officer responds to 3 different languages; helps paralyzed patient recover

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Here's one powerful pooch...meet 'Cain' the K9 wonder dog!

He's a specially-trained K9 officer who protects a children's hospital in Michigan from any bad guys.

And Cain's no dumb dog-- he responds to three different languages!

"Dutch, German, English...and he knows hand signals as well!" Spectrum Health security officer John McGarry explained.

Can your dog do that?

Well, Cain also works wonders for sick kids.

"She certainly was surprised by the dog this morning," one patient's mom, Laurie Postema, said.

"He loves to give kids kisses, and they'll just light up-- and even though they're not doing so well-- they'll smile," McGarry said.

"He was nice. It was a fun surprise," Analiese Postema declared. "I've never actually met a police dog like that before."

But it's a tough job.....since some kids' visits with Cain will be their last.

"Even through all that, at least they were able to smile for one last time," McGarry reflected.

And sometimes Cain creates a mini-miracle.

Like the time the K9 visited a paralyzed patient.

"Cain leans over, and this guy reaches up and starts petting Cain-- and all of sudden, all the staff in the room starts bawling," McGarry said. "The nurses told me that he hadn't been able to move, and he reached up and was petting this dog."

And this working dog's job is never done.

"I've had parents come back and tell me, 'Hey, if it weren't for you, my child wouldn't have gotten better.' They firmly believe that we had a big part in that," McGarry shared with pride.

That's why Cain really is a wonder dog!