Houston Press Best of Houston®: Best adult tap class

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HOUSTON — Looking to mix it up on the dance floor but afraid to learn new moves?

The Houston Press named Tap Happy the best adult tap class in Houston. Yes, adult tap class!

"There are a lot of people who have wanted to tap dance their whole lives and couldn't and didn't think that they would ever be able to, and then they find out about Tap Happy - and you can be in your 60s and come in and fulfill a childhood dream," owner Sara Draper said.

For us grown-up, it can be hard to find ways to let loose and make friends.

Ah, remember those classic movies with dancing greats Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers and the Nicholas brothers?

"I really get a lot of joy from coming here," Dina Salazar said. "After my girl went to college, as an adult, I wanted to come to a tap class and not feel like I had to be in a class with a bunch of little kids, and it's just a lot of fun."

Hate the gym? Tap dancing is a creative way to stay fit.

"I love the exercise. I love dancing with the rest of the people here, you meet all kinds of people," Renee Stewart said.

Never danced before? Have no fear!

"You can take any level," Salazar said. "You can come in as a beginner. You might not know anything, or you might be like me, took it when I was a kid and decided to come back 20 - 30 years later and come try it again."

The evening classes are easy to fit into any hectic schedule. As hard working adults we all need to let ourselves have more fun.

After all, if anyone has earned it, we have.