Kanye West to remain in hospital, too mentally unstable to go home: sources

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HOUSTON — Everybody's asking the same question about Kanye West: what's the deal?

The word is, after a week in the hospital, the rap star was supposed to leave Monday. But that's not going to happen.

According to TMZ, West isn't stable enough to check out of UCLA's medical center. It seems he's paranoid, deeply depressed and convinced people are out to get him. At times, West won't even let the doctors touch him.

When it comes to mental illness, apparently no one is immune.

West has been suffering for a long time, sources told TMZ. And with his recent on-stage rants and public criticism of people he used to praise (i.e. Beyonce and Jay-Z), his fans can't help but notice.

Kim Kardashian has stayed bedside throughout this emotional nightmare. Regarding her hubby's mental health, she's hoping the doctors and her devotion will help steer West in the right direction.