JJ Watt donates $10k to The Woodlands football player suffering from brain injury

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THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Every donation makes a big different as the Houston community bans together to help a high school football player injured during an away game — that includes a $10,000 contribution Wednesday from Texans superstar JJ Watt.

Linebacker Grant Milton, No. 21 for The Woodlands Highlanders, suffered a major right-side brain injury during a playoff game Saturday against Bowie High School in Waco, according to a CaringBridge account set up for the player. He was immediately rushed off the field at McLane Stadium and taken to the hospital for an emergency brain operation, the page said.

Milton is currently in a coma at a hospital in Waco with his family at his bedside and an entire community back home, sending their love and support.

Bowie defensive back Pierce Withers tweeted Milton had a seizure on the sidelines.

The donation from JJ Watt and dozens of others on Milton’s GoFundMe page will help cover the player’s medical expenses and provide financial support for the stay with him.

JJ Watt Milton

It still isn’t clear what happened that night, but a family member said Milton is showing signs of recovery as of Wednesday.

“Grant underwent a CT scan this morning. The scan showed the swelling has mostly abated, and the brain is beginning to return to normal size,” Miles Milton wrote in journal entry on Milton’s CaringBridge page. “The scan showed the swelling has mostly abated and the brain is beginning to return to normal size. He continues to have blood near the site of the trauma, which is not unusual.”

The page said there Milton’s brain has no active bleeding or signs of clotting. The initial trauma and subsequent swelling put intense pressure on the player’s brain and brain stem, Miles Milton wrote.

“The recent scan shows his brain steam has now returned to normal form, however, it is still to early to tell what impact the injury had on his brain stem and brain function overall. His left pupil is slow to react, and his right is normal. Grant is still breathing over the ventilator, which makes us hopeful that at some point he can breath on his own, but it will be some time before we get to that point.

Miles Milton also wrote that the teen’s arm movements are still somewhat reactive and slight, but no intentional movement yet. He has taken small steps each day, but only time will tell if he’ll make a full recover, doctors said.

“We want to thank so many people for their kindness and prayers,” Miles Milton wrote. “This is a difficult situation for all us as you can imagine. You never think something like this can happen to your child, especially someone as strong, athletic and outgoing like Grant. We pray for God to heal and restore his wounds. We are thankful for the number of clergy from various faiths stopping by and praying with us. Your continued prayers mean everything.”

The Waco Police Department wished Milton a full and speedy recovery Sunday.

The Woodlands High School Football Quarterback Club hosted a prayer gathering Sunday evening at StoneBridge Church for player.

As of Monday, the family said Milton is still in critical condition but recent CT scans show his continued improvement. The page also said his medications have been reduced and he is showing positive signs of movement and strength in his upper body.

“Grant, who absolutely loved suiting up for the Highlander’s is now in a tough fight, but he and his family are blessed by the outpouring of love and support that has been shown them by our Woodlands community,” Milton’s CaringBridge page contributor Mandy Murphy wrote Monday.