Texans will play for more than themselves in #MyCauseMyCleats shoes this week

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HOUSTON — Texans players will be rocking some awesome kicks this week when they take on the Green Bay Packers.  The team is allowed to sports custom designed cleats as part of the NFL's #MyCleatsMyCause campaign.  Players can wear unique shoes that bring awareness to charities and special causes.

"Football is all about expression, whether you're going out there yelling and screaming, or whether you're showing off some fashion," cornerback Charles James said. "Everybody gets to show off and wear things they like and represent a cause they like, so I think it's gonna be cool."

Players have the option to auction off the shoes after the game to raise money for charity through NFL Auction. A hundred precent of the funds raised will go to the charities of the players' choices-all designated charities must have 501c3 status.