Retired Greenville officer creates ‘No Sudden Move’ pouch to decrease violent traffic stops

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**Embargo: Greenville, SC** A retired Greenville police officer has created an information safety pouch to decrease violent police traffic stops.

Greenville, SC (WHNS) — A retired Greenville police officer has created an information safety pouch to decrease violent police traffic stops.

It’s called the “No Sudden Move Information Pouch.” Larry Drummond says he thinks the pouch eliminate the need for drivers to search through glove compartments or other areas in the vehicle to find vehicle and personal identification that often puts them at risk of being suspected of reaching for weapons.

Drummond says often during a traffic stop, there is fear. Drivers sometimes are afraid they’ll get a ticket and officers are unsure of what else could happen. But the developer of the “No Sudden Move Information Pouch” says the pouch could remove some of the fears and questions.

Drummond is a retired Greenville city police officer. He was with the department for nearly 24 years. He said, during those years he faced many challenges in the field, some that were life threatening.

“On 291 here in Greenville, a gentleman when I stopped him – he had a .357 sitting on the seat there and was getting ready to shoot me when I walked to he door,” Drummond said. “I had a flash light and happened to see it and that’s the only way it saved my life that night.”

Now retired, Drummond is enjoying life as a regular citizen which also means following the same protocol when pulled over that any other person would follow. He said he does not show his retired badge or even mention that he is a retired officer.

“When I retired, another officer comes in and they don’t know me, so I just have my hand on the steering wheel and what they ask me for is what I give them,” he said.

Drummond said recent incidents involving police and drivers prompted him to create the safety pouch. He first shared it with family and friends before taking his message to media and law enforcement.

The “No Sudden Move Information Pouch” carries your license, vehicle registration, insurance and even concealed weapons information in it and attaches to the air vent in your vehicle freeing your hands to remain on the steering wheel. There’s also the option of sticking the pouch to the outside of your door once stopped with an attached magnet. You check all the boxes listed on the pouch that apply to information in your vehicle such as a concealed firearm. Drummond said he hopes to alleviate any added anxiety for officers and drivers during police traffic stops and decrease the number of violent police stops.

Greenville Police Department recently received the safety pouch for review, but there has been no official comment so far. However public information officer Gilberto Franco said, something like this could be beneficial to both police officers and drivers.

He added, the pouch also helps keep all of your information readily available after a wreck as well. He said, he wishes he’d thought of the idea earlier before retiring and knows first hand how vital the “No Sudden Move Information Pouch” would have been to him while making traffic stops for nearly 24 years in law enforcement.

The “No Sudden Move Information Pouch” is available by ordering through Drummond via e-mail here.