Monday Motivation: A Marathon Must!

HOUSTON -- The Houston Marathon is going down this Sunday! Whether you're in on the action this year or feeling inspired to give it a whirl next year, here's your Monday Motivation Marathon Must!

Pace yourself! Start like a turtle end and like a cheetah, because going 0 to 100 real quick might work for Drake, but not a marathon runner!

The first part of your run is turtle time! You should be going at a slow to moderate pace. Your heart is not racing and you COULD hold a conversation, although I don't recommend it!

The second third of your race - pick up the pace! Your heart rate picks up. Holding a conversation would be a struggle.

The final third- channel your inner cheetah! Give it all you've got and sprint across that finish line!

This method is guaranteed to score you a faster run time! To all you runners, best of luck this weekend! Make it a happy, healthy day!

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