Mayor Turner forms $10 million task force team for flood control

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HOUSTON — Houstonians are way too familiar with inclement weather. When it rains, it pours. And when it pours in the Bayou City, we fear the worst.

Hoping to prevent another Memorial Day flood or Tax Day flood, Mayor Sylvester Turner has created the Storm Water Action Team— otherwise known as SWAT.

SWAT may sound like a military unit, but lousy drainage is the only thing SWAT is trying to combat by expanding maintenance to improve water flow from gully-washers we see on a regular basis.

Approximately 100 maintenance projects have been identified and city council has already approved $10 million so work can begin on 22 of the citywide project.

“The projects were based on 311 calls where they've had house flooding, or mapping that we have from our database,” Houston’s Flood Czar Steve Costello said.

Repairs include everything from replacing sewer grates to regrading ditches and resizing culverts. Each project should take about 90 days and SWAT should be able to handle about six at a time.

“We're certainly not making the representation to Houstonians that what we`re doing right now will eliminate flooding," Turner said. "We're just simply working to mitigate it. These are practical common sense steps."

We know Mother Nature lives by her own rules. We may not be able to fool her, but at least we can prepare for her wrath.

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