More than 150 allegedly abused animals returned to shelter after warrant mishap

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DAYTON, Texas — More than 150 animals are being returned to a Dayton shelter suspected of housing the creatures in unsuitable conditions and neglecting the animals' medical health, the Houston Society for the Protection of Animals said.

The Liberty County Sheriff's Office, working alongside Houston SPCA, rescued more than 100 dogs, several cats and horses from the Puppy Dogs R Us in Dayton on warrant that was declared defective Wednesday during a civil court hearing.

The shelter sits on an almost 20-acre plot of land that appears to hold one large, single piece of property. However, the judge discovered the address listed on the warrant is different from the address of the outbuildings where the animals were being held.

In court, Puppy Dogs R Us owners argued deputies and Houston SPCA were acting outside of the law when they took the animals.

Since the warrant did not include both address, the court was forced to rule in favor of the shelter owners, requiring the sheriff's office to return the dogs, cats and horses to Puppy Dogs R Us within a 24-hour period.

The court also dismissed the case, and the judge was unable to address the allegedly dirty and unsheltered conditions in which Houston SPCA officials said the animals were found.

The sheriff's office and Houston SPCA said it will continue to monitor Puppy Dogs R Us and investigate any future complaints or violations regarding animal abuse at the shelter.

The animals are now in need of a good home, if you're interested in adopting or helping the shelter improve its conditions, click here to support.