Taco Bell’s newest item combines old-fashioned fried chicken with one of its menu staples

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IRVINE, Cali. — Fast food fans can rejoice. A new shell is comin' to the bell!

It's your typical chalupa, but not your typical taco shell.

Taco Bell is introducing the Naked Chicken Chalupa. The shell is made out of white meat fried chicken instead of a corn or flour tortilla.

Taco Bell's chicken shell is years in the making. It joins other food chains' over-the-top, artery-clogging items like the James Coney Island Tamale Dog or Burger King's Mac-n-Cheetos and KFC's Double Down Dog.

To be fair, Taco Bell also has an extensive list of healthier options, including the A.M. Grilled Egg and Cheese Taco (hold the bacon) for breakfast, and several lower calorie soft tacos.

When you get the munchies, clearly, there's no shortage of fast food fare. On January 26 there will be one more item available.