Workshop Houston brings creative arts, homework help to students in Third Ward

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HOUSTON — Few people know that Workshop Houston, an after-school program that services students in Third Ward, started out as a community bike shop in the neighborhood.

Interim Executive Director Katy Goodman and the co-founders of Workshop Houston decided they wanted to provide more resources, especially for teenagers who aren't generally provided all the resources they would need in the areas of creative arts and self-expression.

"We offer programs that give kids experience in dance, music production, fashion design, and also offer tutoring and academic resources," Goodman said.

Resources and programs are offered in the form of shops with snazzy names such as the Style Shop, Beat Shop, Dance Shop and Scholar Shop.

The Style Shop offers fashion design, painting and sewing. It's next door to the Beat Shop, which is where music artist are able to express themselves through creating music and learning the entire music production process. The Scholar Shop assists students with everyday studies such as homework and provides them resources to stay on top of their school work.

"Everything here is a confidence builder," student participant Kenneth Lee said.

Big News for Workshop Houston, soon they

Workshop Houston has big news! It's scheduled to break ground soon on a new facility for their growing programs. The new facility will double the amount of space and improve their resources, which will ultimately allow the students to do more and take their dreams to even higher places.