Simon Says: Why so many people always hated President Obama

Not giving away my age here, but I was thinking the other day about how many Presidents I can remember living through, meaning, the Commanders-in-Chief that commanded my attention.

Eight of them!

From Nixon to Obama, you can do a little word play with the thought of how some of you may remember them.



Carter…not qualified.

Reagan…father figure.


Clinton …cheater.


That’s funny, but here’s something not funny when I think about Obama and the word , I think , represents his eight years for so many people: uncomfortable.

Since day one , it didn’t matter if he was the best President since Lincoln, don’t you think there were a lot of  people who were uncomfortable with a black president?

President Obama could do no right with these people.

Does it make them racist?  Who knows, but I really think we live in a country where old habits don’t  fade away.

I can’t remember a president that was hated as much as he was loved.

You can say the same thinking goes for  people who will never accept a Madame President and now, a reality show president.

President Trump could save us from space aliens, but many of you still  won’t be a fan.

So many people are not good with things that make them uneasy like a  sweater in July, mayo on a hot dog and Ben Affleck as Batman— you’ll never buy in!

And when it comes to President Obama, we learned no matter how much anyone talks about change…many people don’t.