Monday Motivation: Super-Speedy, Super-Slimming Super-Sets

It's time for your Monday Motivation brought to you by Fitness Connection! Don’t just join a gym— make a connection!

What workout technique is super-speedy, super-slimming yet gives super-strength? Super-sets! On top of that, they’re super simple. Here’s how it’s done. Pick two exercises and perform them back to back with no rest in between.

This week we’ll super-set shoulder exercises with triceps exercises.

Like 15 standing upright rows super-set with 15 overhead triceps extension.

We’ll rest 45 seconds and repeat each super-set a total of 4 times.

Next, 15 Arnold presses… super-set with a triangle push-ups.

Keep your hands closer together to work triceps. You can always do assisted push-ups by dropping your knees.

Finally, 15 lateral raises, working your shoulders super-set with as many bench dips as you can do.

If you’re stuck in a rut,super-sets might be exactly what you need to push you closer to your fitness goals! For more health and fitness advice go to