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Simon Says: Don’t protest on my time this weekend!

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I was really excited about the Super Bowl, really looking forward to it, until I thought of the last Super Bowl in Houston.

There are  two things I remember about that day: a boob and a butt!

I was there with over 70,000 of my closest friends and will never forget that ‘wardrobe malfunction’ and that streaker.  Two cases where the spotlight was stolen to send a message.

Now it seems more than just ‘stunts” take over big games and big events.  It’s now the norm to make a statement or go political.  It becomes the narrative over who won or lost.

We talk more about who took a knee.

Who raised a fist.

Who pointed a finger at an awards show!

So, here we are, wondering if Lady Gaga will use make a statement instead of singing during halftime.  Will the cast of ‘Hamilton‘ try and tell us America is “not” beautiful before the game?

And remember folks, the Academy Awards are in a few weeks.  Get ready for three hours of acceptance speeches that don’t accept Trump.

I love free speech, that’s how I make a living, but aren’t you exhausted with statements and protests being force-fed to us?

I just want to choose to go to the protest instead of the protest coming to me.

Games and traditions like the Super Bowl are supposed to be an escape from boring every-day lives, so I don’t want to be told by people with enormous wealth and privilege where they stand politically.

So, anyone putting on designer clothes soon or going to the game, remind yourself something before kick-off--sometimes it takes balls to remember there’s a time and place for everything.