Monday Motivation: Valentine’s Day partner workout

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HOUSTON -- Time for your Monday Motivation fitness tip of the day!  Hearts will be beating faster next week from more than just a workout! It’s Valentine’s Day! Grab your valentine, significant other or friend!  

 Here’s the Partner Push Up/Crunch: One person crunches while the other person does a push-up off their partner's knees.

 Next, here's the Plank/Squat! You might need some adult supervision for this valentine’s day maneuver! One person does a plank while the other person does squats on top of their partner's back.

 Now onto the partner bicep curls. One person lays on their back while the other person stands by their partner's head, grabbing their partner's hands and curling them upward. 

 And for the grand finale - the partner scissor jump handshake!

 That’s a sure way to make this Valentine’s day hot and steamy! For more health, fitness and nutrition advice or to work with Lindsey Day go to