Tennessee man gets ticketed for stick figure car decals

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Drawing stick figures, it's a part of being a kid. But who knew these simple drawings could get you in trouble with the law.

A man was driving home when a police officer pulled him over. He wasn't speeding. Nope, the ticket was for a naughty decal in his car window.

The thin figures were mimicking a sex act!

"It started off as a prank. I thought it was funny, " said Dustin Owen said.

The officer didn't understand the joke and cited Owen for having an obscene bumper sticker.

"I was just shocked, I was like why?” Owen said.

To get a second opinion, Owen posted a picture of the decal on Facebook. Most people said it was a harmless play on those stick figure families you see on rear windows, but did you know there's a whole movement dedicated to the "anti-stick figure family decals."

Yes, an allegiance of artists dedicated to sticking it to your cutsy stick figure families.

"I mean you can have a sign in the middle of the road with cuss words all over it protesting and there’s nothing they could do, and I can't have this?” Owen said. "Somebody should add a law covering the freedom to stick figure. I'd vote for it."