ICE arrests undocumented domestic violence victims seeking protection from abuse

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EL PASO, Texas - It’s "Cops," the Federal Immigration edition.

NewsFix caught up with the officers of ICE as they entered the El Paso courthouse where they tracked a transgender woman, Irvin Gonzalez. Gonzalez had just received a restraining order against her boyfriend for domestic abuse when she was taken into custody.

Wait? So ICE arrested a woman who got an order protecting her from getting beaten?

According to court documents, Gonzalez was deported multiple times but kept returning, which is a felony under United States law.

In Denver, Jeannette Vizguerra, another undocumented immigrant, was forced to seek refuge in a church with her four children. The family's future has been in limbo since 2009 when Vizguerra was arrested for a traffic stop. Officers found a fake social security number on a job application in her car, and she's been fighting deportation ever since.

The church basement serves as an informal sanctuary where immigration officials have not yet dared to go.

Vizguerra said she will stay at the church for days, months, or even years if she has to.