Simon Says: Why a Brad Pitt movie can really help Donald Trump!

So, Mr. President —how’s it going?

Let me guess, it’s not as easy as you thought it would be.   Admit it, being candidate Trump was  fun, but being President Trump is hard work.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Be careful what you wish for.”  I have a feeling President Trump could soon be  the walking definition of this.

But hold on, there’s hope.   I have some advice that will get you through—watch the movie “World War Z”!

Drop everything and do this.

Call off meetings if you have to.  One scene in the movie could help your presidency.   It’s the part where  Brad Pitt asks the Israeli guy how he knew to be prepared for the Zombies.  The diplomat says it was based on the 10th man theory. How if 9 people in a room all agree on the same thing,  it’s the duty of the 10th man to disagree no matter how they personally felt about an issue.

The dissenting opinion!

It’s amazing how one voice in a sea of “yes men” can make a difference.   We all could use a 10th man in our lives.

Yeah, all your friends might think a new boyfriend is hot, but it takes the 10th friend to do a public records check and find some felonies.

From the outside looking in , it sure feels like Trump  needs a 10th person to say something he may not want to hear.

Perhaps an opposing view on issues like the travel ban, tweets, Russia, and the mess with his now former National Security  Advisor could have come in handy.

However; it takes an open mind to listen to a 10th man.

This just in: Trump is stubborn!  That’s not fake news, it’s his words!  He tweeted nearly  four years ago how proud he is about being stubborn.

Please, go watch World War Z, Mr. President!

It could help you, but remember to hear all opinions before coming-up with some of your  own.

But be careful, because just like you,  the 10th man in the movie said “build a wall” and look how that worked out.