Dont mess with her man! Houston’s #Bootbae sets the Internet on fire

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HOUSTON - Jordan Smith was just doing her thing as one of the dates up for auction at a charity event for the Nigerian Student Association at the University of Houston. But when she tried to get a little too close to another woman's boyfriend she literally got the boot. Now, thanks to a six second video, both women are part of the Internet's latest viral meme, #Bootbae.

Kennedy Palmer, the woman with the boots, says she was at the event with her boyfriend to support some of her sorority sisters who were taking part in the auction. She says that is when Smith approached her and her boyfriend, and clearly, she was not feeling that. Raising her leg was a spur-of-the-moment reaction, she said.

"Of course it's slightly disrespectful," said Palmer. "Which is what initiated the reflex."

It didn't take long for just about everyone on the internet to give their opinion of the video. Despite all the comments, there's really no beef between the two women.


"In no way do I have any type of hostility towards her," said Palmer.

At the same time, Smith was unfazed by getting the boot.

"I didn't really take it as anything," said Smith. "I was just like 'Okay, she's not cool with what I'm doing.'"

Now, as for those spectacular boots, Palmer wouldn't tell us where she got them.

"I'm not giving any free endorsements for them," said Palmer.

However, we did a little internet research and found them on sale at Dolls Kill for $58. It's a small price to pay to channel your inner #Bootbae.

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