Bizarre sport of ‘Orangutan Boxing’ outrages animal rights activists all over the globe

BANGKOK, Thailand - A zoo in Bangkok known as 'Safari World' has animal rights groups up in arms over a new sport.

It's the sport of orangutan boxing! The animals are even forced to wear bikinis and parade around the ring.

"It is shocking that such cruel and exploitative treatment of animals continues for the so-called entertainment of tourists," A U.K. leader of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said.

Officials from PETA claim the animals performing these stressful tricks aren't doing it for rewards. They're doing it out of fear that they may receive electric shocks, cigarette burns, or beatings during their training.

Petitions are being circulated to end the inhumane boxing matches altogether.

PETA and other groups hope to knock out these boxing matches for good!