Australian teen swims with crocodiles to impress girl, nearly loses an arm

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QUEENSLAND, Australia - After a night on the town in Queensland a local guy is lucky to have his life after trying to impress a British tourist.

Lee de Paauw,18, decided that he would impress his lady-love by attempting to swim a creek well-known for its crocodiles. Paauw soon learned that drinking, bragging and taking a dare is just plain stupid.

Within minutes of jumping in the creek Paauw felt something take hold of his arm. There was blood everywhere, witnesses said.

Paauw managed to pull himself out of the water and paramedics got him to the hospital in the nick of time.

The croc nearly ripped off his arm but the Aussie managed to escape a death roll.

The death roll is a known tactic used in the wild by Crocodiles when it drags it's prey down to the bottom of the water by rolling over and over until the potential meal stops kicking.

Pretty scary, especially when all you were after was a date.

Moral of the story, find a better way to get the girl.